Transgenderism – Ravi Zacharias


Being transgender is a very sensitive issue and typically brings along anxiety, depression and lack of self confidence for the individual. As Christians, we should not reject these people. Keep in mind that every human being is a child of God, therefore they are your brothers and sisters too.

One very important teaching that Ravi Zacharias provided is that, our bodies are the temple of God. When God formed us, he formed us in his image and gave us his breath of life. We then became a living soul. The fact that God say’s our bodies are the temple of God, a place where he dwells in us through the Holy Spirit, allows God to reveal himself to people and also help people with identity issues. Anyone who seeks God will find him, this is a promise God has given to everyone. Jesus will reveal himself to anyone who accepts him, this includes Transgender people. All afflicted should allow Jesus to come into their lives for healing.

We must remember the fact that our mind controls our body and not the other way around. Thinking that one is Transgender, is a mental issue and a deception. There are only two identities, either a person is male or female by birth. Never in recorded history has there been a person who is both male and female, so therefore the notion for transgenderism is false and is a mental challenge.

Even people confronted with gender identity issues can be healed. It’s a psychological battle, a process that requires a strong will to resist. Temptation comes in many forms and the strength lies when the afflicted can put their trust in the Lord, who will surely redeem them out of their misery.

Looking at the situation from a spiritual perspective, the body of a person can be possessed by an evil spirit. The evil spirit takes control of the person and deceives the Soul of thinking they are in the wrong body. The objective of the devil is to put people in misery, to deceive and then finally to bring death. This is also one of the reasons why, and very unfortunate, that Transgender people commit suicide. This is very sad, as each one of them is still a creation of the Almighty God and also a brother or sister in Christ.

There is hope, in the name of Jesus Christ. By his blood and stripes, transgender people can be healed. The wicked Spirit in a person can be rebuked and his soul redeemed. This is of course if the transgender person is willing to listen about Jesus Christ and allows accepts prayers from Christians. The whole things is a very sensitive issue, especially with a political and liberal view on transgenderism in present times. The result of which blocks the Christian view on helping these people, which is very unfortunate. But we are there to help them where we can, remember Jesus did not come to save the saved. He came to save the lost people.

For transgender people, even when you undergo surgery, the suicide rates are still very high after the operation. So giving you a gender change is not a highly successful solution. I believe, sergeants conduct these surgeries as it’s very expensive and it’s a lucrative business to earn money. If gender changes are a success, then the suicides rates should also fall drastically after the operation, but this is not the case. So please be careful what you do on to your body.

In conclusion, if a Transgender person seeks Christian advise, we need to speak to them with love and dignity, give them them the best Christian advise possible. If the the person accepts Jesus Christ and allows spiritual healing, then there is big chance that this person may get healed. Our objective is to hinder these people from committing suicide and help them to live pleasant and a righteous lives. Whatever happens, allow Jesus to help him.


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