How the Independant is using it’s reach to brainwash people


Article : How Trump is using the Pentagon and a bizarre anti-drugs program to distract from his appalling coronavirus response

This is an article from a Carli Pierson, currently residing in Mexico City, whose liberal views are most likely being paid by the Democrats.
I am here to expose her and the Independant of using bias language to brainwash the masses of its readers.

So here is what she is writing in her article, look at the language carefully. I have marked the negative rhetoric / words in red and then question her rationale. Instead of finding solutions to the problem she likes to discredit the president, most probably because her “Cocaine” does not arrive in time now. It’s typically these people whose drug supplies are cut, that respond to the Presidents fight against the drug cartels.

It’s outrageous to think about spending hundreds of millions of dollars on counter-narcotics operations when we don’t have personal protective equipment for doctors, but here we are:

– What is she comparing with? The sudden invasion of the Chinese virus caught the whole world by surprise. Anywhere in the world supplies are cut short and need to be produced. The president of the United States has asked the the people to self isolate to reduce the stress on the health services until production levels for protection gears are available in abundance. Did’nt the President say, they are working on the supplies ? But then you have people like Carli Pierson, who most probably attended Spring Break despite the presidents warning to just prove him wrong.

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced this week that the US is deploying thousands of troops, special operations forces, naval and coast guard fleets, reconnaissance aircraft, and other counter-narcotics operations off the coast of Venezuela. This, after intelligence officials apparently learned that drug cartels were looking to move narcotics into the US during the coronavirus pandemic.

– She is telling allow the drugs to come into the country. Because this how the liberals survive, they rely on drugs. She is also indirectly advocating for the illegal immigration into the US. This so obvious as she is writing the article from Mexico. Illegal immigration needs to stop, is it the Americans fault that other countries have dictators ? The people need to fight for their rights instead of running away. Also, Carli Pierson does not reveal how illegal immigrants should be paid for ? Does the money come from the Independant ? Obviously not.

The announcement to send military personnel and vehicles to the South American nation comes after Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro was charged with drug trafficking by the Justice Department last week. But don’t be fooled – Trump isn’t worried about more Americans doing drugs, just like he isn’t worried about migrant children in cages. He’s looking to win over Florida constituents, including Venezuelans and Cubans, who want Maduro out.

-Migrant children in cages, where else are you to hold undocumented children ? Have they been kidnaped, do they carry drugs, smuggled for child prostitution. As if Carli Pierson is mother Theresa, it would be worth looking into her private life to see what charities she is doing. Also which country builds luxury apartments at the border to harbour smuggled children ? These people travel 1000 miles through Mexico and the Mexican government does nothing to support these children ? First and foremost the Mexican government and Carli Pierson is to be blamed.

The real threat facing America right now isn’t shipments of cocaine. The president is looking for a victory on the battlefield to distract from his sensational mismanagement of the pandemic. A US-led coup d’état is looming.

– Mismanagement of the crisis comes from the Democrats and liberals who despite warnings went to celebrate Spring Break. Does this make sense, the President says stay at home and the Democrats and liberals go and celebrate ?

She then goes on and on trying to justify baseless facts. The is anti Trump propaganda news outlet. I advise readers not to read this newspaper.


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